Health Behaviors

Health Behaviors and Risk Factors Behavioral factors account for 40% or more of health-related deaths in the United States Lack of physical activity, obesity and food insecurity lead to a decreased quality of life, putting people at high risk of poor health. Why health behavior matters to Houston Health behavior refers to actions taken by […]

Mental Health

Mental Health in Houston Mental health problems are very common, yet Texas ranks last nationally for access to mental health care 3.3 million adults in Texas live with a mental health condition each year. It affects people regardless of age, gender or race. Why mental health matters to Houston Like physical health, mental health is […]

Access to Healthcare

Access to Health Care in Houston Though improving, our region still has high uninsured rates for both children and nonelderly adults Blacks and Hispanics have lower access to health insurance and primary care in the three-county area. Why access to health care matters to Houston Houston is home to the largest medical complex in the […]


Understanding health in Houston How changing demographics and environment affect health service needs in Houston Good health is an essential component in quality of life and is linked with many positive outcomes, including a stronger local economy. However, social indicators show persistent health disparities in the region. As our region and population continues to grow, […]


Public School Enrollment in Houston Growing enrollment and changing demographics highlight evolving needs in our region’s school systems Rising enrollment rates are accompanied by more economically disadvantaged students and a growing rate of English-learning Hispanic students.  Why public school enrollment matters to Houston As our region continues to grow, so does the demand for quality […]

Funding and Expenditures

School Funding and Expenditures in Houston Despite growing enrollment and increasing attendance, access to funding remains an issue for area public schools. While attendance rates steadily rise, per-student expenditures still lag behind national averages.  Why school attendance and expenditures matter to Houston Attendance is vital to academic success in our region, both for students and […]


Public School Teachers in Houston How teacher compensation, experience levels and classroom sizes affect education in our region Texas teachers face high levels of turnover and lower-than-average pay, although improvements are being made throughout the three-county area.  Why public school teachers matter to Houston As the people in charge of educating Houston’s children, our teachers […]

Post-secondary Education

Post-secondary Education in Houston Disparities in college-readiness and completion reinforce socioeconomic gaps within our communities Initiatives designed to bolster post-secondary education are working to prepare Houston-area students for a new economy, but Black and Hispanic students remain at-risk relative to their White peers. Why post-secondary education matters to Houston It’s been long accepted that college […]

Academic Achievement

Academic Achievement in Houston Though improving, our region still mirrors problematic state-level trends and disparities in academic achievement Academic achievement rates in the three-county area display troubling socioeconomic disparities, particularly in Harris County. Why academic achievement matters to Houston Schools play a vital role in our society, equipping children and adolescents with the skills and […]

Educational Attainment

Educational Attainment in Houston Though improving, our region still mirrors problematic state-level trends in academic achievement Consistent with low educational attainment levels statewide, the three-county area faces troubling disparities among economically disadvantaged residents and residents of color. Why educational attainment matters to Houston Houston is a powerful force in the national economy. And as we […]