Commuting in Houston Growing populations and increasing suburban sprawl contribute to rising commute times throughout our region Despite worsening traffic and long commutes, personal vehicles remain the number one option for Houston-area workers. Why commuting matters to Houston Residents need both timely and adequate modes of transportation to get to jobs. People with longer commutes […]

Urban Mobility

Urban Mobility in Houston Houston-area urban centers remain driver-centric as car ownership increases amidst low walkability and a lack of public transit A spread-out metropolitan region with limited access to walkable spaces and public transit leads to increased use of personal vehicles throughout the three-county area. Why urban mobility matters to Houston Urban mobility refers […]


Understanding the Built and Natural Environment in Houston How the interconnection of natural and built environments shapes our world The environment of an urban region consists of natural ecosystems and the many human-made systems that interact with natural landscapes. In Houston, the choices we make about the native prairies, waterways and forests are connected to […]

Housing Stocks & Growth

Housing Stock in Houston Exploring the supply of housing in our region Overall, the housing stock and growth in the three-county area suggest a strong, but possibly slowing, housing market, with some concerns about the supply of affordable housing in the future. Why the housing stock matters to Houston In a healthy economy, new housing […]

Homeownership and Renting

Homeownership and Renting in Houston Exploring homeownership and renting across our community While homeownership rates are increasing across Houston, they remain disproportionately low among low-income and non-white households. We also see a rise in renters across all three counties, reflecting lifestyle changes and barriers often associated with buying a home.  Why homeownership matters to Houston Homeownership […]

Housing Conditions

Housing Conditions in Houston Exploring the state of housing in Houston More than one-third of people and almost half of renters in the Houston area do not live in adequate and affordable homes, and these problems are on the rise. Why housing conditions matter to Houston Having a well-maintained, hazard-free place to live helps Houstonians […]

Housing Vulnerabilities

Housing Vulnerabilities in Houston Exploring how the unexpected affects Houston-area housing  Many low-income households lack the necessary resources to bounce back from disasters and other adverse events such as an increase in rents and loss of income, thus are more vulnerable, sometimes leading to eviction and even homelessness.  Why housing vulnerabilities matter to Houston While […]

Home Affordability

Housing Affordability in Houston Exploring housing-cost burden in our community Housing costs are rising across Houston as the percentage of affordable housing units is decreasing, leaving almost half of renter households housing-cost burdened. Why housing affordability matters to Houston Housing is the single largest expense for many households and is becoming less affordable with time. […]


Understanding Housing in Houston How residential infrastructure affects our region’s growth and prosperity Shelter is essential for human life. When there is enough housing available for everyone who needs it, at a price they can afford and in places where people can access opportunities communities can thrive.  The more we understand this basic need, the […]

Health Outcomes

Health Outcomes in Houston Racial disparities in health outcomes persist despite progress on mortality rates Overall, our region has lower premature mortality rates, lower cancer mortality and incidence rates, and longer life expectancies compared to the nation. However, the infant mortality rate and percentage of infants with low birth weights are higher than the national […]