Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education in Houston H.B. 3 may turn around shrinking pre-K funding trend  Despite their positive influence, early education programs have seen shrinking investment over time with potentially severe impacts for our most vulnerable children.  Why early childhood education matters to Houston Early childhood education reaches children at a critical point in cognitive and […]


Understanding Education in Houston How shifting demographics, evolving needs and disparate academic outcomes affect Houston-area public schools The role of education in our society has evolved exponentially over the past few decades. As Houston continues its transition from a resource-based economy to a knowledge-based economy, higher levels of educational attainment are essential for competing in […]

Public Safety

Public Safety in Houston  Despite some progress, violent crime and gun-related deaths are on the rise in our communities While there are some positive signs in road safety, growing rates of violent crime and gun-related deaths undermine our vibrant region. Why public safety matters to Houston Here we seek to understand four main categories of […]

Family Structure

Family Structure in Houston Growing households and single-parent trends indicate a need for stronger supportive resources in our communities While the share of married couples is stable throughout our region, single-parent and single-resident households represent a large portion of the region.  Why family structure matters to Houston Healthier families make for healthier communities. Research shows […]


Immigration in Houston Immigrant populations flourish throughout our communities, but declining naturalization rates highlight growing issues  While immigrants from around the world find a promising home in Houston, naturalization rates are slow to keep up with public sentiment. Why immigration matters to Houston Immigrants play a pivotal role in the Houston area’s population growth and […]


Diversity in Houston Growing diversity, shrinking segregation and inclusive attitudes help our communities thrive Not only is diversity flourishing throughout our region, but most residents are happy with its effects.  Why diversity matters to Houston As one of the most diverse regions in the country, Houston’s three main counties help to set the tone for […]

Population Growth

Population Growth in Houston As populations grow older and more diverse, new and expanded resources may be needed in our region The three-county area is growing in population, age and diversity. Why population growth matters to Houston As one of America’s most diverse regions, Houston’s three main counties are growing at a faster pace than […]

Community Context

Understanding Community Context in Houston How demographic changes, safety, and family dynamics shape our region Understanding a region as large and diverse as Houston requires taking a deeper look at the foundational factors that shape our society. Exploring and analyzing things like population growth, family composition, diversity and public safety provides us with valuable insight […]

Electoral Participation

Electoral Participation in Houston  Electoral representation fails to reflect our region’s growing diversity Despite making up a large portion of our population, both women and Hispanics in Harris County face challenges running for and winning elected office.  Why electoral participation matters to Houston A region as ethnically diverse as the three-county area needs diverse elected […]

Non-Electoral Participation

Non-Electoral Political Participation in Houston Levels of political interaction lag behind the nation throughout our region Greater Houston-area residents are generally less likely to discuss politics with friends and family or contact their local officials. Why non-electoral participation matters to Houston Houston’s diversity works best when it inspires honest engagement and empathy for the needs […]