Vulnerability & Impacts

Vulnerability to and Impacts from Disasters Exploring unequal effects of natural disasters on Houston communities Natural disasters have impacted hundreds of thousands of families in Greater Houston over the past 40 years. Non-white and low-income communities are not only more vulnerable to the impacts of disasters but also are disproportionately affected in significant ways. Why […]


Natural Disaster Risks in Houston Exploring natural disaster risks in our region In the greater Houston region, natural disasters have become more frequent, dangerous and costly. The risks are only projected to increase in the future, threatening Houstonians’ lives and livelihoods. Why natural disaster risks matter to Houston Those who live in Greater Houston are […]

Response & Recovery

Response to and Recovery from Disasters Exploring how our region responds to and recovers from disasters After disaster strikes, all levels of government, as well as the private sector, respond to provide assistance, though some in our region benefit more than others. The result is that some residents take much longer to recover, if they […]


Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Exploring how COVID-19 and its impacts have affected Houston Beyond the human toll of COVID-19, the pandemic has caused the worst financial situation we have seen in generations. Thousands of families are struggling while also grieving the loss of loved ones. How COVID-19 and the resulting economic crisis is affecting Houston […]


Understanding Disasters in Houston How natural disasters and COVID-19 affect our region and residents Greater Houston has experienced seven federally declared disasters since 2015, including the novel coronavirus pandemic. We Houstonians are accustomed to natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding and the occasional spin-off tornado. In addition to a record-breaking hurricane season, the year 2020 […]

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice in Houston Rates of criminal charges and incarcerated populations are shrinking, but still remain high relative to the nation While criminal charges and incarcerated populations are falling, the three-county area still faces troubling disparities.  Why criminal justice matters to Houston Houston’s criminal justice system is necessary for protecting residents, promoting safety, and providing […]

Employment in the Arts

Arts Employment in Houston  Houstonians employed in the arts can make decent wages, but employment rates and troubling disparities leave room for improvement Opportunities for Houston creative professionals are strong, but racial and economic inequalities persist throughout the sector. Why employment in the arts matters to Houston Houston may be most recognized for its contributions […]

Arts Attendance

Arts Attendance in Houston  Houstonians value the arts in their communities, but socioeconomic barriers make engagement difficult While interest in the arts is high, residents of color aren’t always able to participate at the same rates as White residents.  Why arts participation matters to Houston Houstonians are passionate about the arts. After all, there aren’t […]

Access to the Arts

Access to the Arts in Houston  Spending on arts and culture is increasing in our region, but not at a pace consistent with our growing population While access to and interest in art and cultural organizations is generally increasing, the three-county area still lags behind the nation in overall support.  Why access to arts matters […]


Understanding Arts and Culture in Houston How our region’s creative resources benefit residents — some more than others The importance of art in our communities extends far beyond entertainment. Houston’s vibrant creative community also has tremendous benefits for both our economy and our diverse population. However, those benefits are not spread equitably through our region, […]