Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice in Houston Rates of criminal charges and incarcerated populations are shrinking, but still remain high relative to the nation While criminal charges and incarcerated populations are falling, the three-county area still faces troubling disparities.  Why criminal justice matters to Houston Houston’s criminal justice system is necessary for protecting residents, promoting safety, and providing […]

Employment in the Arts

Arts Employment in Houston  Houstonians employed in the arts can make decent wages, but employment rates and troubling disparities leave room for improvement Opportunities for Houston creative professionals are strong, but racial and economic inequalities persist throughout the sector. Why employment in the arts matters to Houston Houston may be most recognized for its contributions […]

Arts Attendance

Arts Attendance in Houston  Houstonians value the arts in their communities, but socioeconomic barriers make engagement difficult While interest in the arts is high, residents of color aren’t always able to participate at the same rates as White residents.  Why arts participation matters to Houston Houstonians are passionate about the arts. After all, there aren’t […]

Access to the Arts

Access to the Arts in Houston  Spending on arts and culture is increasing in our region, but not at a pace consistent with our growing population While access to and interest in art and cultural organizations is generally increasing, the three-county area still lags behind the nation in overall support.  Why access to arts matters […]


Understanding Arts and Culture in Houston How our region’s creative resources benefit residents — some more than others The importance of art in our communities extends far beyond entertainment. Houston’s vibrant creative community also has tremendous benefits for both our economy and our diverse population. However, those benefits are not spread equitably through our region, […]

Air Quality

Air Quality in Houston Ozone, particle pollution and toxic waste releases contribute to poor air quality in urban areas While improvements are being made, the Houston area — particularly Harris County — still suffers from higher-than-average levels of air pollution. Why air quality matters to Houston In the 1990s, Houston was deemed the nation’s smog […]

Water Quality

Water Quality in Houston High levels of contamination and reduced availability highlight growing concerns for the Houston-area water supply Amidst growing populations, the quality of our water supply remains an issue in need of attention throughout our region. Why water quality matters to Houston Texas and the Houston area have vast water resources including a […]

Natural Resources

Natural Resources in Houston Increasing shares of developed land indicate economic and ecosystem shifts throughout the three-county area Despite economic prominence at the state-level, farm, forest and wetlands are in decline in the Houston area. Why natural resources matter to Houston Houston is a community rich in natural resources and ecosystems with a mix of […]

Climate Change & Clean Energy

Climate Change and Clean Energy in Houston Temperatures and rainfall are on the rise, but greener buildings and increased use of renewable energy offer promise Although greenhouse gas emissions are on the decline and renewable energy use is on the rise, alarming rates of extreme heat and precipitation pose serious threats to health and prosperity […]


Traffic and Road Safety in Houston Growing populations and increasing numbers of cars on the road increase the impact of roadway congestion and issues with safety for all users Traffic and its negative impacts are most severe in Houston’s urban centers than in Fort Bend and Montgomery counties. Why traffic matters to Houston Residents cite […]