Voter Participation

Voter Participation in Houston  While turnout and registration levels trend positive, disparities persist within our region Although voter registration rates increased between the 2016 presidential election and the 2018 midterms, inconsistent election turnouts leave room for progress.  Why voter participation matters to Houston As one of the largest and most diverse regions in the nation, […]

Social Connectedness

Social Connectedness in Houston Community trust and engagement are growing throughout our region, but not at the same pace as the rest of the nation While levels of trust and opportunities to connect are increasing throughout the three-county region, we still lag behind the nation in some key areas.  Why social connectedness matters to Houston […]

Philanthropy & Volunteering

Philanthropy and Volunteering in Houston  Volunteer activity and financial donations are a growing force of good throughout our region While the Greater Houston area is one of the most generous in the nation, local disparities paint a more complicated picture. Why philanthropy and volunteering matter to Houston Houston is one of the most generous metro […]

Civic Engagement

Understanding Civic Engagement in Houston How residents connect and participate in Houston-area political and social systems It’s vital that residents from all walks of life are able to participate and make their voices heard on the issues affecting our communities — both now and in the future. When Houstonians stay connected and engaged, we grow, […]

Small Business

Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Houston How small businesses make Houston a more vibrant place to live and work The Houston area leads the nation in small business development, yet disparities persist for female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color. Why small business matters to Houston It’s not just a cliche. Small businesses are the lifeblood […]

Credit & Debt

Household Debt and Access to Credit in Houston Exploring how financial systems work for and against Houston residents Credit participation and on-time payment rates are on the rise, yet troubling trends persist in banking and growing debt collections. Why debt and credit matter to Houston Better access to credit and banking services are essential tools […]

Unemployment & Underemployment

Unemployment and Underemployment in Houston How participation and qualification inform our local economy Across Houston, the labor force has steadily increased and unemployment has declined. However, some residents are not doing work that makes full use of their abilities.  Why employment matters to Houston Even in a region as ripe with opportunity as the Houston […]

Poverty & Social Mobility

Poverty and Social Mobility in Houston Exploring how systemic factors limit participation in the Houston economy Although poverty rates are improving throughout our region, emerging economic trends leave us vulnerable.  Why poverty matters to Houston Across the three-county area, 23% of children under five years old were considered in poverty, higher than the nation. The […]

Industry Dynamics & Job Growth

Industry Dynamics and Job Growth in Houston Despite strong job growth, our region struggles with skill gaps While industrial diversity remains relatively strong throughout the Houston region, gaps in opportunity persist across our workforce. Why industry dynamics and job growth matter to Houston While Houston is known globally for its role in the energy industry, […]

Income & Inequality

Income and Inequality in Houston Exploring how economic prosperity and disparity affect our region While the Houston region is rich in economic opportunity, striking inequalities still affect our three main counties. Why income and wealth matter to Houston Strong and stable incomes help our communities thrive. Without sufficient wages, people struggle to afford housing, food, […]